Our experts perform lighting calculations of any complexity. We will make recommendations on the optimal number of light points as well as a diagram of their competent location on the base of the initial data (requirements for the illumination level, illuminated area, layout features of roads and streets) provided by the client. Calculations for a sodium Reflux reflector lamp are made in CalcuLux and DIALux software.

Lighting calculation on the artificial irradiation of plants

It is sufficient to specify the area of the greenhouse and the standardized level of illumination (lux or μmol/m2/s) for preliminary calculation and determination of the number of light points in the greenhouse.
If a greenhouse combine requires a detailed lighting calculation, the following data are required:
1. The greenhouse layout with the arrangement of plant rows, shelving, paths, with dimensions in AutoCAD 2007.
2. Plant rows in section.
3. The standardized illumination level (lux or µmol/m2/s) for each compartment of the greenhouse.
Calculation of illumination at the combine
Average illumination level 10,500 lux
Aleksandr Fedotov
Aleksandr Fedotov
A chief specialist in the electric lighting design, LLC "Agrisovgaz"

Having long experience in greenhouses designing, I can say with full confidence that individual lighting calculations are extremely important to make an artificial lighting system in a greenhouse. It includes not only determination of the required number of light points, but also their competent location in the compartment. The engineers of the Reflux company accomplish this task at a highly professional level. The optimal equipment is selected in accordance with characteristics of a particular greenhouse combine. This allows to achieve maximum benefits from the lighting system and to reduce capital costs.

Street, road and square lighting calculations

Calculations and design are carried out in accordance with the street-road network classification.
The following initial data are required to perform street lighting calculations.
1. Type of the illuminated object.
2. Road characteristics:
a) the width of the carriageway,
b) the number of lanes.
3. Tower (pole) parameters:
a) tower height,
b) the length of the console,
c) the angle of the console,
d) the distance between the towers
(shift between towers),
e) offset of the tower from the road.
Calculation of the illumination for the roadway